Dear Valued Customer,

Zoetis would like to share an important piece of information relating to its antibiotic portfolio.

In today’s world, increasing attention is being paid to the public health imperative of preserving the efficacy of antibiotics in people and animals and to combat antimicrobial resistance.

We, at Zoetis, believe that the use of antibiotics in animals and people carries with it an obligation to use them responsibly.

In animal health, the availability of antibiotics is critical to protect the welfare of Canadian herds. Zoetis believes that the responsible use of antibiotics, guided by veterinary oversight, is essential for the ongoing health of livestock. We support the vital role of veterinarians to responsibly promote animal health and support producers across the country by assuring the efficacy and access to antibiotics for the foreseeable future.

In this context and after careful consideration, we have concluded that antibiotic products no longer have a place in the Zoetis Producer Loyalty Program (PLP). We will be excluding these products from the PLP as of August 15, 2016:
• Draxxin®
• All Excenel® products
• All Oxymycin products
• Excede® 100
• Liquamycin® LA-200
We are committed to supporting you with educational tools about responsible use of antibiotics in the prevention, treatment and control of disease. Furthermore, Zoetis offers a wide range of programs, training and support services to promote understanding of this critical issue and ensure the wellbeing of your livestock.

We are also committed to researching and developing new drugs, vaccines and new strategies to help prevent and treat illness in animals and support your livelihood.

Please contact the Zoetis Producer Loyalty Program (PLP) customer service for more information.

Yours sincerely,
Walter Heuser BSP DVM
Swine and Poultry Business Unit Director
PLP Customer Service
[email protected] | 1-877-788-2119 | 4000 St-Ambroise, Suite 391, Montreal, QC H4C 2C7
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